Go wild! Host a Play Outside Day event and reconnect with nature

The O'Shanassy Effect

We dare you to watch this video and not feel inspired. Now...

Here's the catch!

It’s almost Easter – the holiday when family and friends gather to give thanks, break bread and enjoy ocean delights. But when you’re down at the shops, or the local fish market, it’s hard to know which produce has been sustainable harvested. 

That’s why, on the brink of Good Fryday we’re excited to share with you a very special edition of the popular underwater talk show Catch of the Bay hosted by King George Whiting.

Watch Catch of the Bay now!

In this Easter special, King George interviews Philip Snapper, an affable local fish and sustainability educator, about tackling the continent-wide challenges of the Victorian sustainable seafood industry.

Shot live on location in Victoria's Port Phillip Bay – the site of ACF & UTS’s successful Sustainable Australian Seafood Assessment Program – the show ends with a rendition of the classic hit ‘That’s Amore’.

Download That’s a moray ringtones and Catch of the Bay sea scenes for your desktop.

Keep your fish close

Make a splash this Good Fryday by choosing sustainable Australian seafood.

Find out more about Sustainable seafood – from what's safe to buy to how your fish is caught. Don't live in Victoria? Share the video with friends and family that do.

A bold new vision for Australia

I’m thrilled to have started my role as CEO of Australia’s leading advocate for nature. I want to share my vision with you. 

Nature is a wonderful thing. It’s beautiful and valuable in its own right.

It’s also our life support system — providing food, water, air and resources to every person on the planet. It supports every business, every job, everyone.

Yet nature is under more pressure than ever before and our future wellbeing is at risk.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Yesterday, the IPCC report confirmed what many of us have known for sometime. Catastrophic climate change can be avoided without sacrificing living standards. And, the transformation to a clean energy future is easily affordable.

We know we can live and thrive in harmony with nature. We know we can create businesses and jobs that actually rebuild our natural capital rather than deplete it. We know we can repair the damage done and pass on a safe climate and thriving environment to our children.

Now, we need to turn that knowledge into action.  

In the past we could take smart, evidence-based ideas to governments and they would listen. But today, there appears to be a growing ideological opposition to restoring nature.

With the risk of climate change clearly known, it’s reckless to stunt the growth of clean energy to support the fossil fuel industry. It’s negligent to allow logging and development in our national parks. And it’s just plain wrong to pollute the Reef — a precious natural asset, World Heritage site and lynchpin of Australia’s tourism industry. But that’s exactly what our governments are doing.

Good ideas are no longer enough.

The lead singer of U2 Bono has a saying…”the power of the people is greater than the people in power”. I believe this. And I believe that we can build and focus that power for protecting nature and our future. This is my vision for ACF.

But we need to do this together. And we need to start now.

In the same week the IPCC released their report, the Minerals Council of Australia launched their “Australians for Coal” campaign. The big polluters are actually asking Australians to tell their MPs that coal is good for our future. In light of the recent IPCC report, this is just plain self-serving and endangers us all.

Let’s start turning our knowledge into action, by telling our MPs we’re not going to let the big polluters hijack our future.

Play Outside Day

On Sunday 4 May, it’s our Play Outside Day. Put on some comfortable shoes and be part of something big!

Many of us don’t get out into nature much. We’re too busy, plugged in to screens and rushing through our busy lives. But nature is crucial to our health and wellbeing — and to the health of our planet.

Nature is our life support system. It underpins our communities, our economy and our livelihoods. We all need clean air and healthy rivers, yet our politicians seem determined to exploit and damage the environment. But when nature is diminished, so are we.

That’s why on Sunday 4 May, we're holding Play Outside Day. Let’s reclaim nature and grow our connection with each other and the places we love!

Play Outside Day

It’s easy to host a Play Outside Day gathering in nature near you, and it’s simple to sign up. Whether you’re a novice nature explorer or an experienced wild thing, hosting an event is a great way to reconnect with nature and to connect with people around you.

Host or attend a Play Outside Day event.

For more information and a step-by-step guide to hosting a Play Outside Day gathering, check out our host guide and our advocacy kitFor all you wonderful hosts, here's an A4 colour poster and and A5 flyer to print and share for your event. 

You can either open them in Acrobat Reader and type in your event details, or print them out and write on them.

We’ll also send you a Play Outside Day kit in the last week of April with lots of ideas and activities to inspire you to reconnect with nature. You can download our special Play Outside A-Z here!

Pop over to our Pinterest Play Outside Day page to see our shareable graphics for social media. 

Find out more about the value of connecting to nature.