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Who are Australia's ten biggest polluting companies?

South Australia – the radioactive state?

In a state that leads the country in clean and renewable energy, it’s hard to believe the South Australian government is considering dirty and dangerous nuclear.

But Premier Jay Weatherill has launched a Royal Commission to investigate the future of the nuclear industry. There are only 4 days left to send a clear message to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission that the South Australian community rejects nuclear once and for all.

Will you make a quick submission to help secure a healthy future for South Australia? Submissions close on 3 August!

South Australia is leading the country in renewable energy generation – providing clean and continuing electricity and fuelling regional jobs. Across Australia and around the world, renewable energy provides far more power than nuclear.

A nuclear industry in SA would undermine the state’s vital fishing, agricultural and tourism sectors – and pose significant threats to the health of the community.

The government has a responsibility to support industries that nourish life, not threaten it.

Make a quick submission to the Royal Commission now.

Together we can help ensure that SA’s future is bright, not glowing.

Peter Rawlinson Conservation Award

Every single day, right across Australia, people are doing amazing things for nature. They are often unsung heroes – volunteering to protect Cassowaries in Cape York, phase out plastic water bottles or grow support for clean energy. 

The ACF Peter Rawlinson Award recognises these outstanding contributions to caring for our environment. Contributions can be long or short term, at a local or national level. 

The prize consists of a memento and $3000 to help with continuing the good work of those who work without financial rewards.

Do you know any local legends or unsung heros? Nominate them! Nominations close on 31st August, 2015.

Past winners have done amazing work on a wide range of issues all over Australia. Margaret Thorsborne worked to save the Hinchinbrook area from development in Queensland. Huw Kingston led the Bundy on Tap campaign, empowering the local community of Bundanoon to ban single use water bottles. Rising Tide Newcastle addressed climate change through community action.

Marnie Rawlinson explains why the award remains an important acknowledgement of the work of grass roots conservationists:

The Award is in memory of Peter, an environmental biologist who was committed to the work of ACF. He devoted time to being a councillor, vice president and treasurer of the Foundation.

From the beginnings of the environment movement in the 1960s he challenged and worked to change government policies on many, many issues including forest and habitat destruction, and the removal of lead from petrol.

Peter helped and encouraged many people and groups to fight for their local conservation issues and so when Peter died in 1991 it was decided that an award would be given annually to acknowledge an outstanding individual or group who worked with passion on a voluntary basis on a conservation issue.

We are dependent on the nominations of worthy recipients, so if you know someone who's a bit of a hero, please nominate them. 

Nominations close on 31st August, 2015.

This really changes things

Big news. After years of political paralysis, yesterday the Australian Labor Party announced commitments to:

Power Australia with 50% clean and renewable energy by 2030 by cutting pollution, driving new investment in renewables and creating jobs. They also said no to domestic nuclear power and storing the world’s radioactive waste.

Strengthen the laws that protect life by refusing to hand over approval powers for environmentally damaging projects to under-resourced and conflicted state governments.

Restore life to our threatened wildlife by implementing threatened species recovery plans and limiting habitat loss – one of the greatest threats to our unique wildlife.

These are big steps and we commend the ALP. But if life is to thrive for generations to come, far greater commitments are needed, not just from the ALP but from all political parties.

The ALP's announcement shows – if enough of us speak out, politicians do listen. They’re paying attention to the thousands of letters and emails you write, your meetings with local MPs, the rallies you join, and your countless conversations about the future you want.

Together, let’s keep breathing life into our democracy.

Thanks for all your heart and for never giving up.


Paul Sinclair
Director of Campaigns
Australian Conservation Foundation

P.S. ACF is non-partisan. We hold all political parties to account for their duty of care for our environment. We call it when policies are going to damage the environment and we give credit where credit is due.