Depressed about climate? These 8 people will change that.

Tasmania's World Heritage forests safe! 

Carbon tax axed, what next?

Our government just failed us. The senate just voted to repeal our working price on carbon pollution.

You, with Australia’s leading scientists, economists, health experts and fire and ambulance workers fought loud and clear to keep our climate safe. But the Senate didn’t listen to us. They chose to listen to big polluters and abolish our carbon price. Now big polluters can pump unlimited greenhouse pollution into our atmosphere, for free.

Today’s vote is a massive step backwards for climate action in Australia. But it is one step and we know when it comes to getting long-term action on climate, we’re running a marathon.

Let’s show Australia that we’re just getting started. Are you in?

The power of the people is greater than the people in power image

For three years Tony Abbott waged a fear campaign against policies that cut pollution and support clean energy. But the last few weeks have proved that not everyone is buying it. We've seen some of our MPs and Senators step in to try and retain the Renewable Energy Target, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the Climate Change Authority. Today’s vote went down to the wire. It passed with a majority of 39 to 32. 

Now’s the time to show Australia that while the government voted against climate action, we won’t give up. In Bono’s words “The power of the people is greater than the people in power”.

Be the power you want to see in the world. Show Australia you are that force for climate action.

We are so much stronger when we work together. Are you in?


One conversation can be a climate changer

Phew! What just happened?

Yesterday the senate voted against the government’s repeal of the carbon tax. It was a remarkable outcome, and goes to show that when it comes to climate policy in this country, nothing can be taken for granted.

The climate debate has changed for the better. Today our working price on carbon pollution is safe. But while several cross-benchers are committed to positive action, the carbon price is likely to be voted down next week when the government says it will reintroduce the bill to parliament.

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One conversation can be a climate changer share graphic

With you we run a strong campaign. Over 550 people joined our training and became Climate Reality leaders. You called and emailed your MPs, delivered cards to their offices and visited Parliament House to deliver our national petition to keep the carbon price. You stand up to ask our senators take the action Australians are demanding on climate change.

Just two months ago it looked like all would be lost, but now our Renewable Energy Target, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and the Climate Change Authority looks set to remain in place. And we still have a working carbon price. For now.

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Your actions, a little reality from Al Gore, and support for renewable energy from both the Palmer United Party and Ricky Muir of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party changed the game. ACF supporters have fought for climate action for years. Our climate laws are a testament to your hard work. Let’s keep them, they’re working.

Our senators need to hear loud and clear that Australians want a price on pollution.

Once you have signed up to our SMS service, share our graphic to show your support for our senators taking action for climate and let’s keep up the pressure.

The senate is a confusing place at the best of times. Let’s remove the confusion for our politicians. You can make sure they know how important action on climate change is to you.

Share our graphic to show your support for our senators taking action for climate and let’s keep up the pressure.

As we have seen, one conversation can be a game changer. Let’s show Australians won’t be silent on our need to take strong action for climate change.

As the last few days has shown us, anything is possible. Tell us what you think of the week that has been in climate and politics in the comments below!

A very special birthday

Our price on carbon pollution is growing up so fast, but next week its fate is on the line when the new Senate votes.

Today the price on pollution turned two and already it’s kicked so many big goals. Remember when, on its first birthday, we found out that electricity emissions dropped by 6.3 per cent? On its second birthday, we’re blowing up balloons to celebrate a 37 per cent rise in renewables like wind and solar!

What great memories! We're so proud of our working climate laws and our parliament should be proud too. Send a birthday card to your MP to remind them that you want to keep the carbon price.



There’s been no terrible twos or wrecking balls through the economy as promised. But instead of celebrating the amazing success of our young achiever, our government is about to play foul. Sibling laws, the RET, the CEFC and The Climate Change Authority might make it past their second birthdays, but not our working price on carbon pollution.

It's crunch time for our campaign to protect our climate laws.

Send birthday wishes to your MP to celebrate all the work it's doing to make our climate cleaner, healthier and safer for all of us. Let’s not drop the ball on climate action now. Not when the potential for positive action on climate is only infant.

Together, let’s watch climate action grow.