We can't believe she did it in one take

They underestimated us!

What an incredible week! Most days, we work very hard to get climate change into the headlines. After this weekend, we barely know where to start.

Trying to sweep climate change under the rug at this G20 was a big mistake. They underestimated the determination for real action.

In the lead up to the G20, across our sunburnt country, our collaborative campaign trended high on social media, and ACF supporters and Climate Reality Leaders hosted 120 events from Cairns to Swansea, and Canning Vale to Wollongong. 

Australians came together to show that climate change is on our agenda.

The momentum started with a deal between the US and China to cut pollution. Then, the new commitments and statements of action continued. Japan, Turkey, the UK, the EU, and yesterday, even Canada, publicly committed to increase action to cut pollution and support clean energy. 

And it wasn’t just our major trading partners speaking out. Across Australia thousands of people demonstrated that no matter what our government said, climate change is on our agenda. 

These wins highlight one thing. The government and big polluters can no longer hide from their responsibility to do their fair share on climate change. This weekend, Australia’s backwards steps stood in stark contrast to the large strides progressive major economies are taking.

The part that I loved the most, however, is that you were at the heart of it. By working together, here is what we managed to achieve, to show our communities that climate change is on our agenda.

There’s still work to be done. Our government is still stuck in the fossil fuel past when the rest of the world is racing towards towards a clean energy future. Our Renewable Energy Target is under attack, and billions of your hard-earned tax dollars continue to be handed out as subsidies for pollution every year.

But for now, I want to thank you deeply for all your efforts to show world leaders, our own leaders, and other Australians that climate change is on your agenda.

Read the story of how Australians came together to show that climate change is on our agenda.



Victoria McKenzie-McHarg
Climate change campaign manager
Australian Conservation Foundation

Finally, some momentum

Yesterday was a game changer.

It started when the ALP withdrew from negotiations with the government to weaken Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET).

It’s a welcome move, and makes clear that it’s time to talk about how we increase clean energy in Australia, not how we stifle its growth to protect big polluting energy companies.

By mid-afternoon, the news got even better.

The US President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that their two countries – together, responsible for 40% of global pollution – had struck a deal to cut pollution and tackle global warming.

It’s a major breakthrough, sending a powerful message to the rest of the world – it’s time to step up on cutting pollution and supporting clean energy.

The deal doesn’t go far enough, but the bar has just been raised.

Our Prime Minister was trying to keep climate change off the agenda of the G20 meeting in Brisbane this weekend. But the US and China have just made it clear – climate change is on their agenda.

Our campaign to show climate is #onmyagenda is having an impact. Over 40,000 tweets have been sent to world leaders, and ACF supporters have organised over 100 events across the country.

At this crucial time, as nations around the world step up on climate, ACF supporters are stepping up to show our leaders that action to cut pollution is on your agenda.

The road ahead is long, but yesterday it got just a little bit brighter.

Thanks for all that you do,


Victoria McKenzie-McHarg
Climate change campaign manager
Australian Conservation Foundation

PS. The threat to the RET is still very real. Uncertainty from the government is killing new investment, and we need a solution that supports clean energy. We’ll keep up the pressure on the government and the cross-bench, and show them how much Australians want a clean energy future.

Don't let big polluters write the G20 agenda

One hundred amazing people are hosting 100 amazing events with one goal – to put climate change on the G20 agenda this weekend.

The ACF community along with Climate Reality Project Leaders have stepped up for a citizen-led conversation about tackling climate change, highlighting that Australia will be left behind if it doesn’t pull up its socks.

Climate change may not be on the G20 agenda, but thanks to people like you, it won’t go unnoticed.

It’s not too late to register an event - or find an event near you!

The campaign is exploding across social media too. After the campaign billboard was banned by Brisbane Airport, the story ran on TV and in newspapers across the country. World leaders have received thousands of Tweets, with a big burst planned for Friday.

Why are we doing this?

A small number of large companies create most of the pollution that’s causing climate change. They pocket the profit and fight the accountability of paying for their pollution.

They’ve demolished Australia’s polluter pays law, spread doubt, and systematically undermined our Renewable Energy Target.

And now a campaign by one of the world’s biggest polluters, Peabody Coal, is lobbying G20 world leaders ahead of their Brisbane meeting this weekend, trying to rebrand coal as a saviour, not a villain. It's a sunset industry in a moral nose dive.

Our government refuses to put climate change on the G20 agenda. And their so-called "Direct Action" plan is a free-ride for big polluters.

It's easy to get involved in this campaign. Host an event or join the social media storm.

Onwards and upwards,


Victoria McKenzie-McHarg
Climate change campaign manager
Australian Conservation Foundation

PS. A big shout out to our collaboration partners WWF, GetUp, Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Oxfam, 350 Australia, One Million Women, Greenpeace and Earth Hour. Together we are stronger!