Stand with ACF to hold the big polluters to account.

We're touring cities and towns around Australia. Will you come?

Fossil fools

Last night, the federal government rejected a deal on the Renewable Energy Target. A renewables industry body, brought to its knees by a year of the government’s sabotage, proposed a desperately weak target to end the deadlock.

The clean energy industry should never have been put in this situation. 

At the last election, the federal government promised to support renewable energy. But over the past 12 months, their attacks on clean energy have cost jobs and investment across the country.

It’s infuriating.

Together we've been working hard to grow a clean energy future and we won't stop now. 88 per cent of Australians support clean energy. In fact only big polluting energy companies will benefit from the government's actions. 


Over the past few weeks, hundreds of you called and emailed your MPs, asking them to keep the Renewable Energy Target strong. You told them how much you want a clean energy future.

You spoke to MP staffers, left messages and sent follow up emails. Some of you were handballed from pillar to post, but you persevered – thank you.

Megan from central Victoria talked to her MP about how sad she feels when she reads Dr Seuss’ The Lorax to her seven-year-old daughter. Helen told her pollie that Longreach’s community is on its knees from the drought – and weakening the Renewable Energy Target will increase energy costs and push local businesses to the wall.

Thousands of you put up clean energy posters in greengrocers, schools and libraries, too. Just a few weeks ago, I was in Bega, NSW, and was thrilled to see one of these posters in a local cafe. Your love for renewable energy stands out in electorates across the country. 

Will you help spread the clean energy message even further? If you haven't already, put up some posters in public places! Let us know how many and we’ll post them to you. 

Sign up for your posters over here.

A clean energy boom is taking off across the world. Australia is lagging behind right now, but it’s just a matter of time before we catch up. 

In the meantime, it’s up to us to spread the word. Keep the pressure on the government and call out the big polluting energy companies holding us back.



Count me in!

I'm Kelly, ACF's Chief Executive Officer and I want to meet you. 

Our ACF community is growing, active and flourishing, with big wins up our sleeves in the 50 years we’ve stood up for the places we love, share, explore and belong to.

Together, we are some of Australia’s most powerful advocates for nature. I think it’s time to get together to swap stories and share plans.

Before the month is out, I’ll visit towns and cities all over Australia as part of our Count me in! tour. Will you be there?

Yes. Count me in! Bendigo - Monday 23 March

Yes. Count me in! Melbourne -Tuesday 24 March (BOOKED OUT!)

Yes. Count me in! Canberra - Friday 27 March

Yes. Count me in! Brisbane - Monday 30 March

Yes. Count me in! Ipswich - Tuesday 31 March

Yes. Count me in! Adelaide - Wednesday 1 April

(More towns and cities to come!)

This year is critical. We are naming the big polluters who pay up big to influence public policy. We need to push hard for decisive action to cut pollution at the Paris climate talks, and mobilise locally for global impact.

And we need to protect and connect nature along our magnificent Great Dividing Range -- stretching from the Wet Tropics of the beautiful north to Melbourne’s water catchment -- places that nourish life for the majority of Australians.

How? Well, let’s get together and talk about our collective vision and our plan to protect the Australia we love with people passion.

I warmly invite you, your friends and family to join us at a Count me in! community gathering.

Please register now. 

Let’s not give in to a dismal vision of a bleak future. These community gatherings will be a space of hope and action. They will kick off a nationwide conversation about nature, climate and the values we all hold together.

You can shape this with us.


Exposed: Australia's biggest polluters

Guess  – which ten companies are Australia's biggest polluters? 

Here’s a hint: They’re a handful of giants who got super rich digging up or burning oil, gas and coal.

These companies are polluting our air, our water, our ecosystems and our communities. There’s only a handful of them, making a quick buck while they still can. And even worse – some are actively lobbying against cutting pollution.

Though they admit global warming is a problem, they really want to keep things as they are. They’re holding our communities back from transitioning to clean energy. They have a lot to lose.

But so do we.

I launched our Australia’s top 10 climate polluters report on Lateline last night. It's all over the media. It was the most popular story on ABC News Online. It's in the Guardian, the Australian, ABC Radio NationalThe Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Canberra Times, Brisbane Times, WA Today, Daily Mail, the New Daily Mail and more.

Everyone should know about this. Will you spread the word?

My team tells me our media and social media can reach well over a million people this week. That’s one million people who can judge whether the behaviour of the big polluters -- and the politicians who do their bidding -- is still socially acceptable.

Will you name the worst 10 biggest polluters on Facebook?

Tweet this: Who are the #biggestpolluters? EXPOSED: 10 big companies polluting our air & water, lobbying against clean energy

These ten polluting giants are responsible for nearly a third of our nation's greenhouse pollution. And most of this pollution comes from how they produce and use energy, often with inefficient coal-fired power plants that are old rust buckets well past their use-by dates.

We’ve decided to name these companies to encourage them to rapidly reduce their pollution, and to drive home where Australia’s pollution is coming from.

The government needs a plan to retire the most polluting and out-dated coal plants, and replace them with clean energy. But instead, they ditched a law that made polluters pay for their pollution. And right now, they are trying to gut the Renewable Energy Target.

We’re campaigning to protect the Renewable Energy Target, as it’s a key way to force these polluting giants to reduce their pollution. And we’re campaigning for a strong pollution reduction target for the meeting of global leaders in Paris.

We want a government that listens to the people, not a handful of polluting giants.

It’s not an easy road we’re heading down. We’re on the road less travelled – and it’s long and bumpy.

What will make all the difference, is if we travel together.

PS: Read the report over here!