Protect the Renewable Energy Target

Does your Member of Parliament back clean energy?

A sign of the times

We’re bringing the call for more clean energy to where it matters to politicians – in our communities.

They've heard from us online, but key politicians have told us the campaign to save our Renewable Energy Target just isn’t visible in their electorate.

We have a plan to change that! We've designed some cute posters. Will you commit to put up posters in at least 10 places? Sign up for your posters here and we’ll mail them out to you.

Sign up and make the clean energy message inescapable in your community.

Tens of thousands of people have emailed their MPs, and hundreds of you have called their offices to tell them you support clean energy. Now, our challenge is to build that message across our towns and suburbs.

And how better to do it than with the people who care, in the communities you love.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • The eyes have it. Identify areas with high foot and eye traffic. Can you poster a message board of your office, school, university, church or library? What about the counter or window of your favorite café, restaurant, laundromat or green grocer? Some supporters at the climate rally said they'll post it on their home window facing the street!
  • If you’re unsure if it’s a public space, ask for permission. Our message will have more traction if the sign doesn’t get removed soon after you post it.
  • Bring supplies! Have a roll of tape, pair of scissors and push pins handy. Put it up yourself to ensure it gets good eye traffic.
  • Let us know how it goes! Tell us where you placed the signs and, if possible, send us a photo at

If you'd rather download the design and print it yourself hit reply and I'll send you a high res file.

Fill out this form if you have at least 10 places in mind to put up posters and we’ll send them to you by mail.

Happy posting!


Victoria McKenzie-McHarg
Climate Change Campaign Manager
Australian Conservation Foundation

P.S. A promising turn of events -- the federal Cabinet rejected the Warburton Review recommendations to weaken our Renewable Energy Target!

But it isn’t over yet. Your efforts in protecting the RET are working, and that’s why we’re asking you to step up again to get the RET over the line.

Join the global march for climate

Join hundreds and thousands of people rallying around the globe this weekend (Sep 20-21) to call for action on climate change, a world with good jobs, healthy communities, clear air and clean water.

We've drummed up four posters that you can download and print in full colour, or black and white. Please note the downloadable files are quite large, so they can be printed in colour at A3 size.

Find out where your closest rally is here:

When: 11am, Sunday 21 September 2014
Where: Meet at State Library, march to Treasury Gardens
* Staff from our head office will be meeting at 10:45am at the 'architectural fragment' on the corner of Swanston Street and La Trobe Street with a bunch of these colourful placards to give to ACF members. Meet us there!

When: 12pm, Sunday 21 September 2014
Where: Bicentennial Park, Glebe

When: 11am, Saturday 20 September 2014
Where: Rundle Park (Corner of East and North Terraces)

When: 1pm, Sunday 21 September 
Where: Russell Square

When: 10.30am, Sunday 21 September
Where: ANU University, Chifley Meadows (outside the library, near Union Court)

When: 11am, Sunday 21 September
Where: Queen’s Park

When: 1pm Sunday 21 September
Where: MONA, 655 Main Road, Berriedale 

15 of Tony Abbott's most epic environmental fails

Killing the price on pollution, trying to delist World Heritage rainforest, approving coal ports in the Great Barrier Reef, destroying the renewables industry — we've almost lost count of the crazy decisions our new prime minister made in his first year of office.

It's been a very rough year for Australia's special places but these have got to be Tony's top 15 most epic environmental fails...

1. Every year the Australian Government spends billions of taxpayer dollars on fossil fuel subsidies

You've got to enable images to see this hilarious image

Around the mindblowing $10 billion mark. That's a lot more than it contributes to public education.

2. Don't forget his slashing of nature protection funding

You've got to enable images to see this hilarious image

In its first Budget the Abbott government cut $483.8 million from nature protection (with a total hit of $29.2 billion to the environment). This un-koala-fied decision has devastating impact on Australia's iconic wildlife.

3. There was the time he tried to delist ancient Tasmanian World Heritage forests

You've got to enable images to see this hilarious image

It took a whole seven minutes for the UN’s World Heritage Committee to reject the government’s request to delist 74,000 hectares of spectacular Tasmanian forests. Nope.


Keep up the good fight,

Paul Sinclair
Director of Environmental Campaigns