Help our legal challenge to stop the Carmichael coal mine

Come to the Peoples Climate March!

We're taking the government to court

Right now, I’m at Brisbane’s Federal Court lodging a case to challenge the government’s irresponsible approval of the Carmichael coal mine.

We said we’ll do everything we can to stop this mine and protect the people, wildlife and places we love. That’s why we’re challenging Federal Environment Minister Hunt’s decision in court.

If it goes ahead it will be one of the biggest coal mines in the world. Burning the mine’s coal will create billions of tonnes of pollution, make climate change worse and irreversibly damage the Great Barrier Reef.

The Turnbull government’s decision undermines global efforts to cut pollution right before world leaders come together for the UN climate summit in Paris. At this tipping point, we should ban new coal, not build it.

Will you donate $20 to help our legal challenge to stop this mine once and for all?

Here’s why we’ve got a case. 

Minister Hunt acknowledged that climate change is the biggest threat to the Reef. Yet he did not properly consider the impacts on the Reef caused by pollution from burning the mine’s coal.

It’s senseless. Scientists warn climate change will kill masses of coral this summer and warmer waters could bleach the Reef beyond recognition in just a few decades.

It takes courage to take on the government and the coal industry. But we've got plenty of that and the law on our side.

We all have a responsibility to hold the government to account for failing to uphold the law and protect our beautiful Reef.

Just $20 from you will help us reach our goal of $40,000 for legal fees to stop this mine – and protect our Reef.

In breaking news Friday, US President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline – proposed to pump tar sands from Canada. Communities ran an incredible campaign – and won!

Bill McKibben said President Obama is the "first world leader to shut down a big project on climate grounds. That's huge.” We think Prime Minister Turnbull should take note.

Every day, people across Australia and across the world are moving themselves away from the dirty coal era and into a bright future powered by clean energy.

Together, let’s stand for clean air and water, a healthy Reef and a future powered by sun, wind and waves.


People's Climate March – with bells on!

Grab a paintbrush, instrument or soapbox and make some People’s Climate March buzz!

On the last weekend of November, let’s fill our cities with a sea of colourful homemade costumes, puppets, banners and flags. Come dressed as a sun, a wind turbine or a superhero for the future. Carry a placard or banner calling for the world you want to see. 

Think about what represents you – is it your favourite sport, your job, your culture, your hobby, your family? Get creative to show the world what you are marching for! Carry a family photo, wear your uniform, come in a suit or scrubs, high vis or high heels. Let's show the world the diversity we represent.

Want to get your creative juices flowing?

Come to a People’s Climate March crafternoon! Each weekend before the march, people across Australia are hosting crafternoons for their friends and communities to make props, banners, costumes, puppets and placards. 


Like to join us? Find a crafternoon session near you, or host your own!

Invite your friends and family or host a community crafternoon. It can be big or small, simple or elaborate. Paint some cardboard placards in your backyard or sew some costumes at your kitchen table. Book a community hall or school art room and invite the community.

Register your crafternoon – we’ll send you a creative kit full of DIY tips and inspiration, free downloads and more. We can also connect you with other creative folks near you via the People’s Climate March website.

Stand shoulder to shoulder, painting, sewing and making friends as you help make a brighter future. Register your crafternoon event or join one near you.

Then, in the last weekend of November, bring your banners, props and costumes and let’s walk together as a united, diverse and powerful community to show our political leaders our commitment to the better future we know is possible.

From here on in, we’re all in... with bells on :)

Breaking news: Greg Hunt re-approves Carmichael Coal Mine

Just moments ago, Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt made a decision that will have a huge impact on life on Earth.

He approved Adani's giant Carmichael Coal Mine - a move that blows apart global efforts to cut pollution and threatens life locally and globally.

It's reckless and irresponsible and shows a blatant disregard for the community.

But most of all it's senseless to prop up a dirty, dying industry while the rest of Australia and the world races to a bright future powered by clean energy.

We'll be doing everything we can to stop this mine and hold the government to account. And we'll be bringing people together for the biggest rally the world has ever seen ahead of November's global climate meeting. Will you stand with us?

If you're already coming, tell your friends and family. We're stronger when we stand together!

Where our federal government is failing, Australian states, cities and towns are embracing industries that support life, not destroy it.

South Australia and the ACT are leading the country on clean energy. Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide are racing to cut pollution.

Even regional towns like Lismore are racing ahead with a goal of 100 percent clean energy in 10 years.

Poll after poll shows Australians want clean air and water, a healthy Reef and a future powered by sun, wind and waves.

And countries around the world, from China, to the Netherlands to the USA all the way to Costa Rica are taking great leaps to leave the dirty energy of the past behind and embrace the clean energy of the future.

Minister Hunt should never have approved this mine. It's clear our environment laws are not strong enough to protect our air, water and wildlife from big polluters.

If it goes ahead, this one mine will add more pollution to global warming than the whole of New Zealand, drain billions of litres of precious groundwater, irreversibly damage our Reef and drive threatened wildlife like the Southern Black-throated Finch further towards extinction.

Don't be disheartened. We can stop this. Community power is achieving incredible things.

Minister Hunt's decision is so outrageous it will only drive more public support for cutting pollution and building a new generation of environment laws that properly protect our air, water, wildlife and the places we love.

Soon we'll power all of our cities and homes with 100 percent clean energy from the sun, wind and waves. Strong laws will protect life, our air will be cleaner and we'll restore land and water damaged by old mines.

We'll scrutinise this approval and do everything we can to make sure this disastrous mine is never built. We'll dance, sing and march in the streets to call for cuts to pollution. And we'll escalate our campaign for a new generation of environment laws.

When our government fails in its duty of care, it's up to all of us to hold them to account. Together, let's create the kind of world that embraces life, not destroys it.

We are marching because we know we can change the world when we work together. We want our politicians to listen to our communities and help us build a brighter and fairer future for all. Will you stand with us?