Put the wind up 'em!

When the Abbott government tried to pull the rug out from under the Renewable Energy Target, large-scale renewable investment in Australia plummeted by 88 per cent. Despite all our sun, wind, and waves investors and innovators looked abroad. We slid from 11th to 39th for clean energy investment, in just one year.

That’s tragic.

But thanks to people like you, after months of pressure, the government finally seems willing to shift from its hardline position on the RET. Right now, they’re negotiating with Labor and other parties over how strong – or weak – the RET will be.

It’s crunch time. We need to make sure every politician knows just how important the RET is to Australia’s future. Will you make a phone call to your MP and ask them to keep the existing Renewable Energy Target unchanged – not weaken it?

It might seem awkward to ring a pollie at first. But this is democracy – politicians represent you and your community, so need to know what you think.  

It only takes a few minutes, but a phone call is often worth a hundred emails. All across the country, MP phones will be ringing hot – they’ll think twice about weakening the RET.

Our politicians need to know just how much Australians love clean energy. They need to hear the RET is a vital way to cut pollution, support billions of dollars of new clean energy investment and create tens of thousands of jobs. We want cuts to pollution, not renewables.

Don’t be shy. We’ll give you the inside story and some talking points, so pick up that phone!


51,720 and growing

I bet you’re sick of hearing all the spin about climate change. We are too.

Shock jocks on soap boxes. Government doublespeak. Big polluting companies funding ad campaigns and sweet-talking politicians at expensive dinners.

It doesn’t stop. And this year, with a global climate meeting in Paris, there will be more spin than ever.

But 2015 feels different. There’s new momentum. Charged by people power, countries around the world are finally taking steps to tackle climate change. Just last year 51,720 amazing people took action with ACF on climate change to hold our government and big polluters to account. 

We have a strong campaign planned for Paris and beyond. Will you be part of it? 

Our community of people who care about tackling climate change is growing fast, and we need you too. Will you make it 51,721?

In Paris in November, world leaders will meet to make decisions about cutting pollution and tackling climate change. Each and every country must take action.

But right now, the Abbott government is taking us backwards. In just one year, Australia has:

  • Slid from 11th to 39th for clean energy investment
  • Killed the law that made polluters pay
  • Tried to take climate change off the global G20 agenda

We want a government that stands up for our communities, not one that's a puppet of the big polluting companies.

This year, we’ll show our politicians we want a clean and safe – not dirty and dangerous – energy future. And we’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. Together, with you and hundreds of thousands of other Australians, our voice can be louder and more powerful than any ad campaign.

We’ll organise in our towns, suburbs, workplaces, schools and communities to build the pressure we need to make sure our politicians put the health of our communities first. 

We’ll demonstrate that even if our political decision makers aren’t ready to lead, we are. And we expect that leadership from the people we vote for.

It’s time for action.


Righting past wrongs

This morning on Cape York, I just witnessed something I’ll never forget.

After over a century locked out of their ancestral homelands, and decades struggling to get it back — today, the Olkola people of Cape York saw 633,630 hectares of land returned to them.

Included in the handover is a new national park set to protect over 250,000 hectares of natural and cultural heritage, including ancient bora-grounds and rock art, the critically endangered golden-shouldered parrot and vital water catchments at the top of the Great Dividing Range.

Read the incredible story of how it happened.


Andrew Picone, ACF's northern Australia program officer (left) and Mike Ross, Olkola Elder and chairman Olkola Aboriginal Corporation (right)

I’ve had the privilege of working with the Olkola people and being invited on to country. I’m lucky to see, feel and experience land management on the Cape firsthand — made all the more remarkable by the generous sharing of knowledge and insight.

This handover means the Olkola can return to country, care for it, and pass their knowledge on to younger generations.

The Olkola imagine a future that respects the traditions of their ancestors, where caring for country means it can support generations to come. Combining traditional knowledge and the latest science and technology, their vision is to create economic initiatives that protect the land, not degrade it.

See their vision for the future.

I’m proud to support the Olkola in making their vision a reality and I look forward to sharing their journey with you.



Andrew Picone
Northern Australia Program Officer
Australian Conservation Foundation